The Great Excavation: How can I win prizes in the event?

While your are digging the sand, you will find some items of a lost civilisation and, from time to time, Amuni's Knowledge.

These items contain various rewards, each with a different chance of obtaining them. Uncover the tile that is holding a lost item, and you can immediately collect it, granting you one of the prizes it can contain. These rewards include Knowledge Points, Unit Instants, and various Amuni-themed Daily Exclusives Buildings.

As you find your way through the dust, you will also encounter Amuni's Knowledge. This Knowledge will be helpful to unlock the Grand Prizes of the event, shown at the bottom of the screen. Collect 20 Amuni's Knowledge, and a Grand prize will be collectable ! You can collect the Grand prize immediately or continue your exploration and collect it later.

You don't want to win the Daily Exclusive reward ? While you have collected 5 Amuni's Knowledge, you can use the option "Re-roll" at the bottom of the screen. This action will change the current Daily Exclusive reward for another one. Don't be worry ! Your action will not cost you Amuni's Knowledge from the Grand prize progression, and you will not change the list of your Daily rewards of the other days!

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