The Great Excavation: How to obtain Digging Tools and how to use them?

The Provisions you gather in The Great Excavation event can be used to buy Digging Tools. These tools are offered individually or in bundled packages, and they prove to be very handy in the digging site as they help you remove all the sand that is shrouding not only the way, but also many of the possible rewards of the event.

As you dig more deeply, you may also find additional Digging Tools hidden in the sand, allowing you to progress even further.

There are 3 different types of Digging Tools that you can obtain: Shovels, Bottled Wind and Vacuum Vials. Each of these handy tools lets you clear the dust in a different way.

Shovels can totally dig one tile that is covered by a clear sand. Once the sand is fully removed, you can collect the item that was hidden underneath and collect it. Adjacent tiles of dirty sand will also be a little discovered, revealing obstacles and rewards hidden underneath them.

Bottled Wind is a bit more effective. They can only be used on fully cleared tiles, but will then dig a whole column of misty tiles when placed smartly. Be careful, though, as obstacles, such as rocks, will interfere with the wind beam, leaving the tiles behind them covered by sand.

A Vacuum Vial removes the dirt on all tiles directly adjacent to where it was placed. It also needs to be placed on a tile that was previously uncovered.

To open up a new row of sand targets, you must clear at least one adjacent tile. Doing so will unlock a full row and move it into view, allowing you to dig deeper into the exploration site in search of Amuni's Knowledge and great rewards.

But in this event you have another unique tool: the Golden Eye!

Digging in the dust, you can find Golden Eyes, and when you have collected 50 of them, you can use it to reveal buried treasures within the currently visible area.

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