The Great Excavation: What is the main reward for this event?

By progressing through The Great Excavation Event, you will be able to get a chance to claim this year's new set of buildings, the Ancient Promise:

These unique buildings increase and add new productions when placed directly next to each other. This can mean that their regular production increases or that new productions are added once several set buildings are combined!

Collect five buildings to complete the Ancient Promise: Unearthed History, Gift of Ashni, Heart of Asim, Artifacts of Yore and Endless Pit.

The Ancient Promise set provides many different resources for your city, such as Population, Culture, Goods, Dryads and many other, based on the chapter you are in. By completing the set, the Ancient Promise will produce more of these resources, and new resources will be added, such as Ancient Knowledge Instants and Knowledge Points.

For more information on The Great Excavation Event and everything related to it, please check out our wiki!
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