Fellowships and Interactions with other players

Fellowships and Interactions with other players


How do I join a Fellowship?

You can join a Fellowship by invitation or by sending an application. In order to apply for a Fellowship, the best method is to view the rankings underneath your player avatar, from there, you can select "Fellowships" and apply to one that suits your game-play. You can also accept invitations from Fellowships by clicking on the shield icon underneath your player avatar and clicking the appropriate boxes to accept or decline an invitation.

Some Fellowships allow you to join them immediately, without the need of any application process. Such Fellowships will have a 'Join' button, rather than an 'Apply' one.

Alternatively you can of course found your very own Fellowship and invite other players to join you.

If you have joined and left a Fellowship recently, you will not be able to join another for 24 hours.