What do the different colors on the Waypoints mean?

Each stage in the Fellowship Adventure has three main routes that any Fellowship can take. The requirements in each route are slightly different: one caters mainly to active play, one mainly to Fellowships who'd rather pay bigger amounts of resources, and one is a mix of both. It's up to you and your Fellowship to decide which route to take to reach the end of the stage. But be aware: completing extra Waypoints on the way will land you further ranking points. These points will help you get higher up in the Adventure's ranking and you can win some great additional ranking rewards. 

Should it turn out that the route you picked is not ideal for your Fellowship, then you can also still switch. Each stage has several multi-colored Waypoints, with which you can alternate routes. This will make the route slightly longer, but it also means that it'll be easier for your Fellowship to complete the stage, once you've unlocked the most convenient route to travel.