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History Event 2024: Tips and tricks

Highly consider using Redraw when you're at a disadvantage in combat! This reduces the damage dealt by enemies, giving you a tactical edge.

However, be careful when Redrawing! Redrawing without selecting a Card increases the cost for future Redraws. However, Cards that have already been drawn won’t be selected again, ensuring new options with each Redraw.

Monitor your Health! Don't lose track of your Health! Make sure to check how much damage your opponent could do to you before you select Fight. If they can deal out enough damage to kill you in one shot, it could be game over for this deck! We've made things easier by adding a warning to signify low Health. If you encounter a situation where your opponent is sure to deal enough damage to take you our of the game, you will see the heart blinking, indicating a low Health warning.

Make use of Ability Cards, as they can turn the tides of a battle! Win these by defeating certain opponents — you'll win one for free but can buy up to two more using Battle Coins. Make your choices wisely to prepare for the remainder of the battle! Having more Ability Cards in your deck will help you leverage the Redraw functionality effectively. When using Redraw, at least one Ability Card is guaranteed to appear, enhancing your strategic options.

Do not forget about Leagues! Victory in battle not only progresses your journey but also awards bonus League points. The difficulty level you choose applies a multiplier to these points: 2x for Easy, 3x for Medium, and a significant 5x for Hard. This system can significantly boost your performance in the Leagues, bringing you new rewards and cementing your success in the Event!

Do not forget about the Negotiation Power either! The more Negotiation Power you have, the higher your chances of drawing premium Ability Cards. Up to 10% of Negotiation Power tokens can be obtained through the main Grand Prize lane, with additional tokens available through Rival Challenges.

Consider taking a risk in your battles! Opting for higher difficulty levels not only tests your prowess but also increases the quality of rewards. The higher the risk, the higher the reward! 

Easy difficulty Boss —
Sir Lancelot
Medium difficulty Boss — 
Marie Curie
Hard difficulty Boss — 
Napoleon Bonaparte

Investigate before you dive in! As this Event mechanic is still fairly new, we are doing our best to guide you through it efficiently. This is why we added multiple tooltips and visual cues to this Event. They provide on-the-fly insights, helping you make informed decisions by understanding the strengths and weaknesses of your current position. Hover over each and every unknown element to learn more about it! Click on symbols and question marks in the Event window for even more tips for your game!
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