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History Event 2024: Mechanics

General overview

When you first open the Event window, you will be prompted to complete the tutorial. Once you learned how to battle, you can start a new battle. Every battle series is a stretch of 7 enemy duels, followed by a formidable Boss. Both you and your enemy are represented by Cards in your deck. In every encounter, your Card will duel with the Enemy card. All character cards belong to a specific Faction that influences how much damage they can deal to an enemy, and how much damage the enemy can deal to them. The damage also depends on how strong the Card itself is, but more on that later.

Before you enter your first battle you must first select a difficulty. The harder the difficulty, the greater the rewards if you win! You have a choice between Easy, Medium, and Hard decks. Each difficulty is represented by a different historical figure who is also the Boss you will have to defeat at the end of the Dungeon. At this stage, you can also view the Cards your deck will contain by clicking on the question mark symbol in the top right corner of the deck asset.

Another thing you need to know before you dive into battling is the Event currencies: Battle Coins and Tickets. 

Use Battle Coins to support yourself in the battles: top up Health, buy Ability Cards, redraw Cards.

Complete Event Quests to get them or buy even more with Diamonds!

Use Tickets to start a battle. Tickets replenish over time, but you can always get more for Diamonds.

Once you have chosen your deck, click the 'Enter Battle' button to spend a Ticket and begin your battles!

In the Dungeon

Both you and the enemy have your own "corner" with vital stats. Once in the battle window, you will see that both sides have a Health bar represented by a heart on both sides of the Event window. Please mind that your Health bar represents your overall Health Points for the whole duration of the battle. On the other hand, the enemy Health bar represents the Health level of the enemy Card you are currently dueling.

As you play, make sure to monitor your Health. If it runs out, you will lose the whole battle and miss out on rewards from Cards you haven't got to yet. To make things easier, we've added a low Health warning. If you encounter a situation where the enemy card is sure to drop your Health below zero, the Health bar will start flashing, prompting you to top up, which you can do by clicking the plus sign next to it. Topping up Health costs Battle Coins.

Every time you duel an enemy Card, the Card you used will be removed from your deck regardless of the battle outcome. Running out of Cards is another way to lose a battle, so make sure to check how many you have and how likely they are to come in handy in the future.

In your corner, you can view Cards in your current deck by clicking this button right below it. Knowing your Cards will help you navigate the battle and plan better moves.

Should you need to reference some aspects of the mechanic, you can do so in the Battle guide — the button in the very bottom left corner of the window.

As you battle, you will be rewarded for every successfully defeated Card. You can view the rewards right under the enemy card. Rewards range between: Grand Prize progress points, Reward Chests, and Ability Cards. Continue reading this article to learn more about the latter.


Inevitably, you will find yourself in a situation when a Card you have on hand will not be the best choice to fight the enemy Card you've encountered. In such cases, use the Redraw function. Click the corresponding button below your Card and the game will present you with three choices you can cycle through until you find the Card you like.

Click Choose to select the Card and enter the battle again.

If none of the suggested options work for you, click Redraw again. Every new Redraw will cost you Battle Coins and offer you new Cards from your deck. 

Now, let's dive into details.

The Cards

Character Cards and Factions

Your success in the battles is defined by how you play your Cards. On all character Cards, you will find an indication of their Faction, damage range, and the Faction bonus. 

The result of each battle will be influenced by the Cards' Faction on both sides. Think of it as rock-paper-scissors:

Outsmarts Champions! (Bonus attack against Champion card type)
Overpowers Commanders! (Bonus attack against Commander card type)
Outmaneuvers Genius! (Bonus attack against Genius card type)
Nobody can guess their motives! (No faction bonus. Also no other faction has a bonus against Manipulators)

You can always reference this cheat sheet in the game, as it is displayed in the middle of the battle window.

In addition, all character Cards will indicate whether they have a bonus or a disadvantage against the enemy. If you Card has a bonus, you will see a green plus sign on it. If not, a red minus sign.

Your card has a range of damage it can do, plus each card has a bonus against a certain type (except Manipulator cards). When you click 'Fight', you will deal damage to your enemy's health equivalent to the damage range of your selected card, plus any bonuses you have against that card type. For example, if your card does 4-6 damage, clicking 'Fight' will randomly select a value between 4 and 6, and deduct it from the enemy's health - plus any damage bonus from your card type! But the enemy will also attack you, so make sure to check the enemy can't deplete all your health in one hit, or you could end up defeated!

Ability Cards

Ability Cards can turn the tide of every battle. Every once in a while, you will be able to win an Ability Card in the battle. Ability Cards are unique Cards that do not have a Faction or damage stats but provide a special effect, such as draining enemy health, dealing a specific number of damage, etc. When you use Ability Cards, you are protected from the enemy damage. Look out for this symbol under the enemy Card to recognize battles that will get you Ability Cards.

Once you successfully defeated such an enemy, you will be able to select Ability Cards to your liking in the Card shop that opens. One Ability Card is guaranteed, as you can collect it as a reward for your victorious battle. However, you can get more with Battle Coins to be prepared for any situation future duels might throw at you! The selection of the Cards in the shop depends on the battle difficulty and your Negotiation Power.

The Negotiation Power is represented by this symbol you will see in various applications throughout the Event. 

This Power offers you an additional advantage against your enemies. The more you have, the higher is the probability of getting one of the following mighty Ability Cards that can turn any battle into a walk in the park:

  • Assassination: A lethal force, instantly eliminating an enemy from play.
  • Grand Booty: Grants player 3x Grand Prize progress points (GP points) with chest rewards.
  • Grand Boost: Grants instant GP points to players.
  • Grand League: A fast track to League points, accelerating your progress in the competitive arena.
  • Reinforcements: Strengthens your deck by adding 3 power Cards, enhancing your strategic options and resilience in battles.
You can gain Negotiation Power from the main lane of the History Prizes and via specific Rival Challenges.

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