Soccer Cup: What can I win in the Soccer Cup?

The Soccer Cup brings an awesome new upgradable building to your city, as well as many other great rewards!


There are four avatars which can be obtained during the Soccer Cup. Two from the questline, and two as prizes in the Gold League!

Soccer Cup WinnerSoccer Cup FanSoccer DefenderSports Commentator

Altar Garden

With the Soccer Cup Event 2019 a brand new and exciting upgradable building, with 6 options for its final form! The Altar Garden can be upgraded to level 5 and has a size of 3x2. The higher it is upgraded, the more and better bonuses it delivers. Once you reach level 5, you will have the option on how you want your final piece to look. You can choose between 6 different Greek Goddesses to determine your final aesthetic. Each unique look also offers unique rewards. Check out our wiki for full details of what you each one gives!

Altar Garden Upgrade Kit

Divine Selection Kit

As well as winning Altar Gardens and Upgrade Kits for them via the Soccer Cup, you can also be in with a chance to win Selection kit divine.png Divine Selection Kits. These kits can be used to select either an Altar Garden - Lv. 1, Forge Points, Medals or Goods. 

Tholos of Idols Selection Kit

Another prize you can find in the Soccer Cup is the Tholos of Idols Selection Kit. This kit allows you to either choose the Tholos of Idols - Lv. 1 building, or the Tholos of Idols Upgrade Kit from the Soccer Cup 2018 if you missed it.

The Daily Special

The Daily Special is an item that is only available on that special day and has a chance to be won in every pass in the Event Window. You can see the current daily special on the top right of the Event Window.

The Daily Special will however not be the Altar Garden Upgrade Kit.