Fall Event: What Can I Win In The Fall Event?

The Fall Event gives you the chance to win some amazing new prizes! Check below for whats in store for those who take part:

There are three avatars which can be obtained during the Fall Event. Two from the questline, and one as a prize for those who finish in the Gold League!
Mrs Baker
Luca Winner Couple

September Cottage
With the Fall Event 2019, a brand new and exciting building can be won, the September Cottage. The building is an upgradable cottage, with 7 levels, and a size of 3x4. At level 7, you are given the choice between 3 final looks for your cottage, each giving its own unique rewards. The September Cottage is a residential building, which provides various bonuses when motivated, but these bonuses differ at level 7. You will have the choice between The Flowerly Cottage, Ponds Cottage or the Appleton Cottage. Check out our Wiki for full details of what each has to offer! The September Cottage Upgrade Kit is required to upgrade your cottage. You can win this as a grand prize for the Baking contest, as well as in the Leagues, and the Fall Event Questline. A level 1 September Cottage can also be won from the Fall Event Questline. 

September Cottage Upgrade Kit

Flourishing Cider Mill:
That's not all, of course! You also have a chance to win the Cider Mill from previous year's events, and we've also introduced a new level to the Cider Mill, The Flourishing Cider Mill:

The Daily Special
The Daily Special is an item that is only available on that special day and has a chance to be won in every pass in the Event Window. You can see the current daily special on the top right of the Event Window.
The Daily Special will however not be the September Cottage Upgrade Kit.