1. Basic Tips

1. Basic Tips

1. Basic Tips

Keeping the City productive

Keep Producing

Your production buildings like Farms, Brickmakers, and Residences are constantly producing their respective resources.
All the produced Food, Bricks and Gold are added automatically to your city resources shown in the top bar:

The resources created by these production buildings are stored within Treasuries and Storehouses.
If the Treasuries or Storehouses are full then their production buildings will stop producing additional resources.

Using Resource Items

Tapping on any of the resources in the top bar will take you to the Inventory with the items filtered to only show the resource in question. This will allow you to use or purchase any Resource Items to increase the amount stored within.

You need to be careful though, only a portion of your resources is protected from enemy attacks and the upkeep of your armies.

Strategic Hint: Only use Resource Items when you actually need them! Resources that are still in items cannot be stolen or lost.