4. Guardians

4. Guardians

4. Guardians

Guardians Overview

Guardians are mighty creatures that you can summon to bless your city and boost your armies in a formidable way!

Summon every Guardian
With enough Material of a specific Guardian, you can summon it and it will forever be at your service.
Every Guardian has its own Material. Its rarity will define the required amount of material needed to summon or evolve it.

Getting Guardian Material
You can earn Material through engaging in features within the World Map, like hunting Beasts or Dungeon attacks. Some Guardians' Material can be only collected in the Dungeons, as they are just too powerful to waste their time on roaming across the map.

Evolve all your Guardians
With every evolution, your Guardians will unlock additional skills. They are very powerful and will make your Guardian not just stronger but more suitable to different situations changing the way you use them in battle. 

Max out your Guardians
Leveling up your Guardians will empower their current skills and stats. Each Guardian's max level is 50, and their maximum potential will be unveiled when achieving their higher levels!
Every Guardian has a subpage in this guide, so you can easily check their maximum stats and skills. 

Catch and Sacrifice
As soon as both you and your opponent have Palaces on level 10, you can catch each other's Guardians. After holding an enemy's Guardian for the required cooldown time (note: the position of your city is known to the captured Guardian's owner and you can not shield while holding it in your Cage!) you will be able to sacrifice it and get a temporary bonus for your city. The cooldown time exists so that the owner of the Guardian has time to attempt attacking your city and rescuing the Guardian. After being sacrificed, a Guardian can be either resurrected by its owner, or it will lose some experience and return to the owner is a slightly weaker form.