1. Basic Tips

1. Basic Tips




To grant permanent boosts to your city and ensure its prosperity, you can research different Divine Powers inside the three big temples of the city.

These temples are located at the sides of the pyramid, just like your Palace:

  • Wealth Temple
  • War Temple
  • Protection Temple

Each Divine Power can be researched up to a certain level to maximize its power, some will require others to be researched first but all will cost some time and Elixir.

Divine Powers

Divine Powers can unleash great benefits including:

  • Extra Marches
  • Better Resource Storage and Production
  • Better Units
  • Longer Shield time


Elixir is a very valuable resource that can only be collected in a few ways:

  1. Generated in the Sanctuary
  2. Collected from Shrines on the World Map
  3. Earned through Events or as Rewards