Shield and Teleport

The Obelisk is a mystical building that can shield and teleport your city.

Those actions require a tremendous amount of Energy so you will have to wait until your Obelisk is filled. Energy is produced over time (but not when your Shield is active!) but also contained in special items.

Shield your city
Activate the Obelisk Shield to prevent any enemy attack. This is done by selecting the Obelisk and then Shield. The Shield will be active for a limited amount of time that can be improved in the Protection Temple.
Be aware that attacking or spying on another player will require you to drop down the Shield.
While your Shield is active, there is no way for another player to attack you. Please keep in mind that troops that are not in the city (for example troops that collect resources on the map) are not protected by the city Shield and can be attacked even when the Shield is up.

If you do not have enough Energy (or Energy items), you can also use a Peace Shield item, if you have one. Those do not require any Energy, and just directly enable the Shield for a specified period of time.

Teleport your city
Moving your city along the map will be a key element in your strategy towards success. The Random Teleport available in the Obelisk will throw you into a purely random location on the map.
To avoid the randomness use a Teleport item which allows you to choose any unoccupied spot on the map. You can also use the Alliance Teleport item to move yourself closer to the area occupied by the leader of the alliance.