2. Troops and Battling

2. Troops and Battling

2. Troops and Battling

Siege Vs Fortifications


Fortifications and Traps are the first defense of a city. Any enemy trying to attack your city will have to destroy your fortifications and traps before fighting the troops inside. Should they fail, the main battle phase will not take place, and your city, units and resources will be intact (only fortifications will suffer).

Always keep your Stronghold full with fortifications to discourage enemies from attacking you. If you attack, remember to spy any enemy beforehand. If you send an army without enough siege damage, your troops won't get into the city.

Fortification types
There are two types of fortifications, the defensive ones ("Fortifications") that will resist and absorb the damage from the siege engines and the damaging ones ("Traps") that will fight back weakening or completely devastating the incoming army.

Like regular troops, fortifications span across 4 Tiers:


  • Barricades (T1)
  • Pitfalls (T2)
  • Turrets (T3)
  • Smoke Bombs (T4)


  • Spiked Bricks (T1)
  • Falling Rocks (T2)
  • Boiling Tar (T3)
  • Greek Fire (T4)

Siege units in battle
In the case you are attacking an enemy city with siege weapons, it is recommended to mix them with some defensive troops to prevent them from being destroyed. After destroying the fortifications the remaining siege weapons enter the enemy city with the rest of the army.
In the case that the enemy had no fortifications, your siege engines will immediately enter the city and take part in the battle against defending troops.