4. Guardians

4. Guardians



Sutekh reduces the upkeep cost of troops, increases the chance to capture enemy guardians and reduces the time until captured guardians can be sacrificed.

Sutekh's trap mastery increases the damaging capabilities of fortifications in siege battles.
His unholy presence causes enemy siege attacks to deal less damage and increases the damage dealt by own fortifications even more.

Skills per evolution
Level 1
Level 50
Fortification Damage Per Unit
Enemy Siege Damage
Fortification Damage
Enemy Defense

Enemy Troops Hospitalized


City Guardian Skill

Upkeep Reduction-10%-20%
Capture Chance+20%+40%
Sacrifice Timer-48 mins-96 mins-144 mins-192 mins-240 mins

When fully evolved, Sutekh's malicious presence causes enemy troops to be less likely to be hospitalized.