4. Guardians

4. Guardians


Crafting and Guardian Equipment

Building the Forge
Forge is the building you need in order to craft equipment for your Guardians. Your Palace needs to be on level 5 in order for you to be able to build the Forge.

Crafting Material

Collecting Crafting Material
In order to be able to craft Guardian equipment in the Forge, you need to collect Crafting Material first. This is achieved either by attacking Apostates in dungeons, or by attacking beasts on the map. The Crafting Material you get depends on the Apostates and beats you defeat.

Crafting Material types
There are 9 types of Crafting Material divided into three rarities:

  • Common Rarity - Copper Ore, Ichor, Ankh
  • Epic Rarity - Silver Ore, Lotus Oil, Heirloom
  • Legendary Rarity - Cosmic Idol, Lunar Dust, Eternum
Depending on the kind of equipment you wish to forge, you will need different amounts of different Crafting Materials.


Equipment types
There are six types of equipment that you can craft and put on your Guardians:

  1. Weapon
  2. Armor
  3. Helm
  4. Ring
  5. Amulet
  6. Trinket
At any given time each of your Guardians can wear one of each. Once an item has been worn by a Guardian at least once, it becomes bound to that Guardian, so no other Guardian can utilize it.

Equipment rarities
Much like the Crafting Material, the equipment itself also comes in three rarities:

  • Common Rarity - with a single modifier
  • Epic Rarity - with two modifiers
  • Legendary Rarity - with three modifiers

  • Equipment tiers
    All equipment is additionally subdivided into tiers. There are four tiers, so the Legendary items from tier 4 are the strongest in the game.

    Equipment and sacrificing
    Sacrificing a Guardian does not have any influence on the state of their equipment. Upon returning to their master, sacrificed Guardians will still own all their gear. Consequently, sacrificing grants only the powers of the sacrificed Guardian itself - bonuses from the equipment are not taken into account.