5. Account and Support

5. Account and Support


Can I play using my mobile device?

Yes, you can play Rise of Cultures using your PC, Mac, and most devices that support modern web browsers, but also on mobile!
We currently support devices which have Android version 7.1.1 or higher, and iOS version 13 or higher.

While playing on browser is achieved by accessing the game's address (AM Region: https://am-play.riseofcultures.com/ and EU Region: https://eu-play.riseofcultures.com/ ), playing on mobile is done via apps.

As the first step, however, figure out the region in which you play. You can do so by checking the address in the browser, or by looking at the first two characters of your Identifier in the Settings screen. When ready, download the game from the Play Store, or the AppStore, and install it on your mobile device. Fire up the game, and go through the initial tutorial.
When done, you can connect to your original account. Enter the Settings screen, the Account tab, and use the 'Account Setup' button. In there, select 'Login' in the upper part of the screen.
Here, you need to indicate the region you previously verified, and enter you login credentials which you also use in browser: email and password.

That's all! The game will reload, and you will be able to enjoy the full Rise of Cultures cross-platform experience.

If you have questions, or need more detailed information, please visit out Discord server, or our Facebook Group! We have an amazingly helpful community awaiting you!

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