Pumpkin hunt

Pumpkin hunt


Pumpkin hunt

Questline is available during Pumpkin Hunt players who:
  • Reached level 10
  • Finished questline "Save the Saloon, part 2"
EmployerQuest name
Additional requirement to see the quest
Requirement Reward
Henry   Cake of the DeadCheerful-looking pumpkin x3
Cheerful-looking pumpkin x3
Poisoned cake x1
1 Skill point

 MayaNot again!Confused-looking pumpkin x3
Confused-looking pumpkin x3
Newspaper shavings x1
1 Skill point
John    The matchstick dealMischievous-looking pumpkin x3
Mischievous-looking pumpkin x3
Matches x1
1 Skill point

NOTE: Quests from this questline don't have to completed in order above.

Below you can find requirements for item drop for this questline, if you want to solve a mistery on your own, please don't check any information below!

Item namePoisoned cake
Job droppedMilling grains
Additional requirementWear berries

Item nameNewspaper shavings
Job droppedSelling newspaper 'The Western Star' 
Additional requirementWear Figaro's Razor blade

Item nameMatches
Job droppedCowboy
Additional requirementWear cotton
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