How can I use a regiment's Ability?

Each regiment unlocks two special abilities, the active one at Star Level 1, and the passive one at Star Level 2.

When an ability is unlocked, it becomes immediately available for each battle. You will see the Ability icon under the Physical Attack icon when corresponding regiment is selected.

Active abilities can be used once during each battle, whereas passive abilities are constantly granting their effect.

Active abilities provide a variety of strategic options to dominate the battlefield. Here are few examples.

Seize Position

Use to switch hexes with the enemy, then attack to deal 100% damage from the new position.

  • Tap on the ability icon.
  • Tap on a hex adjacent to your enemy and then tap on the enemy (same procedure as for a Physical Attack).

Rain of Fire

Use to set a hex within range on fire, and all hexes next to it. Regiments on burning hexes take 25% of Archer's base damage at the start of their turn. Regiments that enter a burning hex must stop.

  • Tap on the ability icon to see where it can be triggered (yellow hexes).
  • Tap on a yellow hex once to see the area of effect for Rain of Fire.
  • Tap on the same hex again to trigger the ability.

Lightning Nova

Use to instantly deal damage to all enemies within 2 hexes. Damage dealt is 15% of Mages' base damage per round played, to a max of 90%.

  • Tap on the ability icon to see the range of Lightning Nova (outlined by a yellow line).
  • Tap on the same hex again to trigger the ability.