Resources, Technologies and Gameplay

Resources, Technologies and Gameplay


What are Ascended Goods?

Ascended Goods can be produced in your Manufacturies of level 32 and above. With Chapter 18 "Team Spirit", two new 3-hour and 9-hour outputs will be added to the production options.

Your new boosted Ascended Good will be your current boosted Regular Good +2. If your boosted Basic Good is Marble, then your new boosted Ascended Good will be Scholarly Sprouts (Planks), for Steel it will be Primordial Minerals (Marble) and for Planks it will be Ignited Ingots (Steel). As with your Regular Goods, you will get a boost according to the number of relics you have in store for the respective good.

The number of relics needed to get a certain Production boost is the same as for the non-ascended goods.

Ascended Goods can be traded with other players. In order to trade Ascended Goods with other players you need to research the Superior Trader in Chapter 18, unlike the other goods these can only be traded via the Merchant.