Can I store buildings in the inventory?

You cannot move or place any building back into your inventory unless you obtain a special Enchantment item. Without this item, only buildings that you obtain as a reward during special events will be stored in your inventory.

Teleport Building

This Enchantment allows you to move (teleport) buildings out of your city and into your Summonings/Buildings tab in the Inventory. Every building teleported uses one Enchantment. Teleport Building can be used for many building types, but not on buildings that are currently under construction, or that cannot be sold normally (e.g. Main Hall or Trader), Ancient Wonders, Expiring Buildings, Buildings that have a limit (e.g. some Amuni Buildings of which you can only have a certain amount in your City), or Evolving Buildings.

Teleported buildings can be placed back to your city at any time or even be Disenchanted.

Teleport Building is available exclusively from the Spire of Eternity, from the 4th Encounter onwards, or in Mystery Chests. (Note: you need to be in Chapter 3 or higher to be able to open the Spire.)

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