City expansions: How do I get more expansions?

You can get more expansions for your city through either of these four ways:

Research Expansions
You can research 'City Expansion' technologies in the Research menu. Expansions gained this way require the technology to be unlocked in Research, and will then require Coins (or optionally, Diamonds) to place in your city. If the game tells you that you have available 'Research Expansions' but the button to place them is greyed-out in the Build menu, the most common cause is that you lack the Coins to place them. Simply collect some more Coins to be able to afford the fee. More Expansions of this type are added through new Chapters.

Province Expansions
When completing provinces on the World Map, you also work your way towards unlocking more City Expansions. When you unlock them, you can place them in your city through the Build menu. For this type of Expansion, no additional cost is required. You can get a total of 62 Expansions this way, which maxes out as soon as you've managed to complete 500 Provinces on the world map.

Premium Expansions
For those who need even more space, there is also the option to purchase additional Expansions using Diamonds. More Expansions of this type are added through new Chapters.

Premium Expansion Instants
Some packages that could become available for purchase include a Premium Expansion Instant that you can use to place a Premium Expansion in your city. Using this instant will offer you a free Premium Expansion. Note: when using this instant, your amount of available Premium Expansions goes down by 1 for each instant you use. The price for the next Premium Expansion will not go up by using the instant.

For more information on Expansions, please have a look at our wiki!

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