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New to the game?


What are City Expansions?

Expansion.pngExpansionExpansion icon.png:Strictly speaking, your building site is also a resource in the city – you'll notice quickly that the available space is limited. But you do not need to constantly sell buildings – you can also increase the size of your city. To do this, you must unlock expansions. Investigate technologies for this purpose or conquer provinces on the continent map to give you the expansions. You can find them in your building menu – pay the costs and place them adjacent to your city. Additional expansions are available to you for Diamonds or medals. But expanding or tearing down is not your only option to accommodate more buildings in your city – compare buildings with regards to size and effects. Smaller, more efficient buildings will help to save space!

You can see below a table with all expansion type by age. There is 3 categories of expansion: those you can win in the tech tree and the campaign map, those you can buy with diamonds, and those you can buy with medals. Medals expansions are not related by ages.

Expansions by age

Tech TreeCampaignPremiumTotal per age
Bronze Age4127
Iron Age5229
Early Middle Age4228
High Middle Age5229
Late Middle Age53210
Colonial Age3227
Industrial Age2327
Progressive Era2226
Modern Era2226
Postmodern Era2226
Contemporary Era2226
Tomorrow Era2226
The Future2226
Arctic Future3339
Oceanic Future66618
Virtual Future33612
Space Age Mars2136
Space Age Asteroid Belt2136
Space Age Venus2136

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