Summer Event: How does it work?

The main goal of the Summer Event is to set sail with your ship using the Treasure Map to navigate, to gain awesome rewards by spinning the Wheel of Fortune.

Open the Wheel of Fortune through the Event Overview:

At the Wheel of Fortune you can win different types of prizes, from common to rare. The green prizes are common and can be won multiple times, the uncommon (silver) and rare (golden) prizes can only be won twice or once. If no prize on the Wheel of Fortune suits your taste, then you can refresh the Wheel, which also costs you one Doubloon. Don't worry, you can still spin the wheel after refreshing it.

You can get Doubloons by completing Summer quests or finding them in incidents around your city. One spin costs one Doubloon, and results in one prize.

You can go through the first 34 quests immediately. Once you've completed them, you will be getting one quest per day, for the remainder of the event. You will probably have a few stacked when you get to them, as they start counting up starting on day one.