Summer Event: Which prizes can I get?

You can win loads of different prizes during our Summer Event.

Wheel of Fortune
Every time you spin the Wheel of Fortune, you will receive one of the prizes available on the wheel. You can also "refresh & spin" the Wheel to get new rewards.

Grand Prize
A map is displayed next to the wheel. With every spin of the wheel, you will be rewarded with a compass. Use these compasses to navigate your way across the treasure map. Using a compass will randomly navigate your ship between 1-3 spots on the map. You'll get the Grand Prize once you reach the end, then the map will be reset and you will be able to start it again. This year, the main reward for the event is The Crow's Nest, an upgradable lighthouse with 8 levels. The Crow's Nest is neither motivable nor plunderable, and depending on it's level, can provide Coins, Supplies, Medals, Forge Points, Goods and even Diamonds (please keep in mind that the probabilities are not the same).

Summer Avatars
As always, you'll get to show off your progress to your friends and neighborhoods, by obtaining one of four themed portraits:

Decoration Buildings
You can also get these three new decoration buildings (1 x 2) during the Summer Event:

Royal Guard Post Happiness
Defense Boost
Trader Guard Post Happiness  
Coins and Supply Boost
Pirate Guard Post Happiness 
Attack Boost

Rewards from previous Summer Event:

You can still obtain The Ship building and upgrade kits from the last year's event as rare rewards on the wheel: