Divine Trials Event

 Welcome, mortal! 
 The gods decided to challenge you to prove yourself worthy for their divine gifts. Face their challenges in this special short event and you will be richly rewarded.

The gods have devised various challenges to test your abilities. Choose wisely which ones you will accept. Each challenge is about doing something in the game, e.g., recruiting certain units, constructing buildings or casting a certain spell. Check the tooltip of a challenge for the task description.  For each challenge you have solved you are rewarded with a power and Experience Points (EP)! The more difficult a challenge is, the more points you get for solving it.

There are 2 daily challenges. These must be completed within the day to get the rewards. You can replace both challenges with new ones if you want, but the price will increase each time you replace them.  

Besides the daily challenges, there are 6 ongoing challenges. For each of these tasks, you have until the end of the event to complete them. Once you have completed 3 ongoing challenges, you can replace all 6 for free. You can also exchange them all at any time, but then again with increasing price.

The real challenge is to get all 7 Grand Prizes. To unlock them, you need to collect enough EP. Look for challenges that are achievable for you and give as many points as possible.

Note that you can have only 2 active tasks at a time: A daily challenge and an ongoing challenge. If a challenge becomes too hard, you can pay a small tribute to the gods to reduce the demanded task amount by 25%.

Watch out the event lasts only for 7 days, so make sure to collect as much EP as possible and claim the Divine Grand Prizes waiting for you!

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