6. Endgame

6. Endgame


How does the new Domination endgame work?

Domination is an endgame in which the alliances battle for world domination. To win Domination worlds you will need to think strategically, and hammer your opponents into submission until you can finally call the world yours.

The world starts with pre-domination era. The pre-domination time should be enough for you and your alliance to solidify but not long enough to feel safe.

Once the Domination Era starts, certain islands on the world will be selected as valid islands. Now it is your alliance's goal to reach the domination objective and possess 40% of the eligible cities. Once that goal is reached the alliance can activate Last stand and needs to hold the cities for a certain time.

More detailed info on our new endgame can be found on the wiki page which will be updated continuously.