7. Rules & interaction with other players

7. Rules & interaction with other players


A player terrorizes me all the time. They attack me frequently and cause attacks notifications, even at night. What can I do?

As there is no limit to how much or how little you're allowed to attack another player, it isn't against the rules to do so as we consider it to be part of psychological warfare. Instead we recommend that you disable your notifications while you sleep. 

You can do this both from within and outside of the app:

  • When logged in to your Grepolis account on your phone, go to Settings → Push-notifications and untick the notifications you would like to disable or disable them altogether.
  • If you currently have no access to the game, go to the settings of your phone, choose Apps → Notification settings and adjust the overall app notification settings from there. 
If you believe the player attacking you is doing so in a manner which breaches our Code of Conduct please report this. If this is the case then the support team will deal with this. However, please note, that if you do not see immediate action this could be that the player is not in breach of our code of Conduct or that the investigation is taking time.