1. Community

1. Community


How can I contribute?

There are at least a few ways you make our Rise of Cultures community better!

  • Contribute in existing channels 
    • Talk to other players in our Facebook Group or help new players in Discord. We also always want to hear what you - as a player - think about our game, so share your feedback either over in social media, or here in the support system. 
      If you come across a technical issue with the game, let us know right here, via support, so we can fix it! We appreciate your help greatly :).
  • Create videos
    • Record yourself as you play Rise of Cultures and share the video in your circle of friends! Who knows - maybe someone you know starts playing the game, so you can enjoy it together :).
  • Support other existing community platforms
    • If you feel like doing something extra, you can support other existing community platforms - for example player-generated wikis or other fan media. We're super happy to see players engaging with them!   

Please note: external services are not published by InnoGames - your data in those services is not managed by us.
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