4. Buildings

4. Buildings


World Wonders classes and synergy boosts

What are the World Wonder classes?
Each World Wonder belongs now to 1 or 2 Wonder class, and there are 5 different ones: Nature, Palace, Temple, Fortress, Statue, and Arena. This will influence not only the combinations of active Wonders in your city and allied cultures but also the materials needed to upgrade them. Each class of World Wonder will require a specific Wonder Material you can obtain with the help of Leonardo da Vinci's inventions!

What are the synergy boosts and how do they work?
Besides each World Wonder class, most possess a special boost which will increase in relation to the other active Wonders in your cities at any given moment.
For example, the Colosseum belongs both to the Arena and Fortress classes and has a synergy boost of +4% Heavy Infantry Damage per each active World Wonder labeled as Statue. So, if you activate the Statue of Zeus, the Stonehenge, the Terracotta Army and the Great Sphinx, which all belong to the Statue class, you will receive a synergy boost of +16% Heavy Infantry Damage!

Play around and find the best synergies according to your play style and focus.

Do the synergy boosts increase if I level up my World Wonders?
No. The synergy boosters are fixed and can be fully used right from the moment you invent a new World Wonder (level 1).

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