4. Buildings

4. Buildings


Why didn't I get a blueprint that was marked as 100% chance?

The displayed 100% chance means that this will be the next blueprint from that group you win. However, you still have to be lucky enough to win a blueprint in the first place: either a regular or a legendary one (depending on what bears the 100% mark), and not Wonder Materials. 
  If you are interested in details, read on!

Understanding the promotion system

Every two days, a different set of Wonders will be available with a win probability that is higher than the remaining Wonders.
While the fundamental odds of discovering a blueprint remain unchanged, the essence of the system lies in its ability to alter the probabilities of obtaining specific World Wonders. It's essential to understand that the system does not guarantee blueprint victories in every alternate attempt. Rather, it augments the likelihood of securing blueprints from the featured set.

Understanding the percentage values

The percentage values (separate for regular and legendary blueprints) indicate the likelihood of winning them, IF you are lucky enough to win a blueprint of that type in the first place. They do not indicate the odds of what you get on your next attempt.
Consider the following example:

Lighthouse of Alexandria and Cheops Pyramid are the promoted regular Wonders, while Colossus of Rhodes is the promoted legendary Wonder. What happens on your next invent attempt is that the game randomly decides (with certain odds) whether you get Wonder Material, regular Wonder blueprint, or a legendary Wonder blueprint. 
In this example, if you get a regular blueprint, it will, with 50% probability, be either Cheops Pyramid, or the Lighthouse of Alexandria. But you can still receive other ones because they share the remaining 50%. If you are so lucky to draw a legendary blueprint, it will with 75% probability be the Colossus of Rhodes, but again - it can as well be one of the other legendary blueprints from this Wonder collection.

If you do not get any blueprint or if you win a promoted blueprint on your next attempt, the % values do not change.
However, if you happen to win a blueprint that is not one of the promoted ones, the value will change to 100% for the group that the blueprint you just won comes from - regular or legendary. 

  What this 100% value means, is that this will be the next blueprint from that group you win. However, you still have to be lucky enough to win a blueprint in the first place: either a regular or a legendary one (depending on what bears the 100% mark), and not Wonder Materials.

Understanding the impact of the progress bars

In addition to the promotion, there is another system that plays a role in obtaining blueprints. Unlike promotions, it does not influence the chance of winning a specific blueprint, but rather the chance of getting any blueprint from the current collection, of one of the two types: regular or legendary.
If you do not win any blueprint in your attempt, the bars will both increase by one:
There are a few rules that govern what happens in different circumstances:
  • When you reach 9 on the first bar, the next invent action will grant you a blueprint - either regular, or a legendary one
    • if regular - only the first bar resets,
    • if legendary - both reset.
  • When you reach 79 on the 2nd bar, the next invent action will grant you a legendary blueprint. This will reset both bars.
  • Both bars are collection-specific. For example, progress bars from the Wonders of Ancient World collection do not influence progress bars in the Wonders of Stories and Myths collection.

The impact of the progress bars combined with the promotion system

The bars work together with the promoted Wonders system.

  Example one
If the first bar is at 9/10 and you have the 100% chance indicator on the regular blueprints but only 75% on the legendary ones, the next invent action will result in getting either one of the currently featured regular blueprints, or any legendary blueprint, but never Wonder Materials. That is because you have a guaranteed blueprint, however it is still unclear whether it's a regular or a legendary one. This is only decided when you try inventing.
If a regular blueprint is drawn, it will be one of the two featured ones, as the 100% chance guarantees it. However, there is also the possibility that you win a legendary blueprint - it will with 75% chance be the promoted one, by getting other ones i also possible due to the remaining 25%.

  Example two
The first bar indicates 1/10, and there is a 100% indicator on the regular blueprints.
A player uses the option to perform 10 inventions in one go with the expectation of certainly winning one of the featured regular blueprints.
The sequence turns out as follows:

  1. Wonder Material (1/10 switches to 2/10)
  2. Wonder Material (3/10)
  3. Wonder Material (4/10)
  4. Wonder Material (5/10)
  5. Wonder Material (6/10)
  6. Wonder Material (7/10)
  7. Wonder Material (8/10)
  8. Wonder Material (9/10)
  9. Legendary blueprint (both bars reset to 0)
  10. Wonder Material (0/10 now switches to 1/10 again)
After this sequence, the player spent 10 orbs, got a Legendary blueprint, and the regular bar is again at 1/10, just like before the invention. It may look like it did not move, but it actually went all the way from 1 to 9, at which point it was reset, due to the Legendary blueprint being won.
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