Basic tips

Basic tips


How to get more energy?

The energy is needed to clear and gather resources for productions, as well as to clear thorn bushes and other obstacles as you venture through new locations. There is a blue bar at the top of the screen that shows your current energy points. The spent energy points are renewed - one energy point every 90 seconds. 

However, if you reach your max energy points, you won't get any more. Although there are options in the game where you can get more extra energy. 

Let's start with the Sweet Shop! Once you reach level 5 you can build your Sweet Shop. In the sweet shop you can convert your fruit into energy. You can convert 14 cherries, 7 plums, 5 peaches or one fruit medley to get 15 energy points. Cherries, plums and peaches can be found when clearing a location as well as from crates, chests and barrels.
At locations, you can also find blue energy bottles. Another way to get some energy is to gather mushrooms and berries. In some locations you'll find a campfire where you can produce mushroom soup or berry syrup. When collected, 25 energy points will be added to your energy bar!
Our animals need to rest from time to time. For example, a cow will give you 12 energy points after generating 24 bottles of milk and then it will need some time to rest. Take care of all animals with a care package so they can generate more products for you!

You can receive energy as a rewards from quests and leveling up your character. And last but not least, you can receive energy from other villagers by leveling up your friendship.
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