Día de los Muertos

Día de los Muertos


Celebrating life

Questline is available during DoD event for players who:
  • Reached level 22
  • Finished questline "Save the Saloon, part 2"
EmployerQuest nameRequirement Reward

The most important facts about the Day of the Dead
Quarter Horse x1
Equip Quarter Horse   
Saddle x2
Interesting lessons
 Chalk x3Matches
Candles for the dead
300 Experience points

La Ofrenda
Resolve: Water for the altar
Resolve: Abundant gifts
Resolve: Family photos
Cempasúchil Green Case
Water for the altar
Glass of water x20
Laying railroad tracks 2 hours

Accept: La Ofrenda
 Cempasúchil Case
    Abundant gifts
    Stewed beans with bacon x1
Fruit liqueur x1
Concentrate x1
Accept: La Ofrenda
300 Experience points

    Family photos
   Accept: La Ofrenda
Photograph of your great-grandmother x1
Photograph of your mother and grandmother x1
400 Experience points

Henry    Family photos
    Oranges x10
 Beans x10
Corn x10
Photograph of your great-grandmother
Photograph of your mother and grandmother

Literary Calaveras
Go to Ghost town
100 Experience points

Ghost town
Humorous poems
Go to Ghost town
Ink x1
Poster x5
Eagle feather x1
 Cempasúchil Case
 Poem on paper

Ghost town
La Catrina
Go to Ghost town
 Equip Fancy slouch hat

100 Experience points

    Cooking and baking with Henry
Sugar x30
Glass of water x10
Flour x3
Corn x3
Picking corn 2 hours
Picking sugar cane 5 hours
900 Experience points


Henry's kitchen
Blueberries x8
Berries x8
Oranges x8
Picking oranges 2 hours
Picking berries 2 hours
Cempasúchil Violet Case
    Equip Fire-extinguishing bucket
    1 skill point towards Fine motor skills

Tooth bracelet x1
Bullet casings x1
Corn x1
Roll of wire x1
    Walkara's tooth chain

    The festival
Seeds x10
Cempasúchil flowers sent to other players: 200
Cempasúchil flowers received from other players: 200
Gone to pray x1
  1000 Experience points
650 Cempasúchils
1 Skill point

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