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Technical Support


Can I use creatives from the game for YouTube etc.?

Statement of Tolerance for Video Content

This form was created for those, who want to create video content of our games. Filling out this form creates a personalized statement of toleration for the person's of interest Twitch, YouTube or other live streaming or video-on-demand platform channel. This form covers all games developed and published by InnoGames.

It is important to keep in mind, that InnoGame will not support the creating person in the event of a claim brought by a third party against said videos. Such claims can lead to the deletion of the created video content about our games.

Statement of Toleration for Graphic Content

If one wants to use graphics from our games for their own profiles or non-commercial websites, this is the form to fill out. Filling out the form will provide the person in question with a personalized statement of toleration for the use of our graphics from all games developed and published by InnoGames.

One has to keep in mind, that InnoGames will not take part in resolving any claims made by third parties against the usage of a graphic on profiles/websites/etc. In the worst case, a person in use of our graphics may be asked to delete or remove the content.

Additionally, this form does NOT allow the creation of derivative works inspired by our graphics. If one wants to create these nevertheless, please contact

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