What are All-Time Leaderboards?

All-Time Leaderboards are leaderboards of lifetime achievements in Trophies, Medals, Army Power, and Badges.

All-Time Trophies Leaderboard
All Trophies you have gathered from the start of competing in PvP battles until present are added up in this leaderboard. Considered are literally all PvP battles won, either during a season or in between seasons. PvP battles are unlocked when liberating War Gate. You need to have Warlord Level 5 to unlock PvP.

All-Time Medals Leaderboard
Medals are acquired during a PvP seasons. Depending on the division you are placed in at the end of any season you can get 10 medals of various types. The different values in ascending order: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Star Medals.
Note that only the Top 3 in any season will earn the 3 most valuable medal types. Players in this leaderboard are sorted by their amount of acquired Star Medals, then Diamond, and lastly, Platinum. So, it does not matter if you have many more Diamond Medals than the player above you, because if that player has at least one more Star Medal than you, they will have a better rank.

All-Time Army Power Leaderboard
This leaderboard represents your total Army Power of all your regiments. Army Power increases as you improve your regiments as they gain experience, Star Levels and upgrades.

All-Time Badges Leaderboard
When defeating challenges on Brigand Island, you can earn Bronze, Silver, and Gold Badges. This leaderboard provides an overview of your total count of badges.