What rewards can I earn from the Season Leaderboard?

The Season Leaderboard keeps track of all Trophies earned during current PvP Season. Usually, there are two seasons per month with a short break inbetween seasons. The Season Leaderboard is being reset just before another season starts. The Top 3 Warlords of the previous season can be commemorated at War Gate.

In PvP Seasons you can earn Trophies, War Coins, and even Diamonds!

Instant Rewards
With every won PvP battle you will receive War Coins, Trophies, and another random reward. Rewards increase the more difficult your opponent is.

Season Payout
At the end of each PvP Season, all Trophies you have earned this season will earn you Gold and War Coins at a 1:1 ratio, and 1 Diamond for each 50 Trophies.

Additionally, depending on your position you will also receive a special chest as season payout:

  • Rank 101+ – Bronze Chest: 10 Bronze Medals, 50 diamonds, 100 War Coins
  • Rank 11-100 – Silver Chest: 10 Silver Medals, 200 diamonds, 4.000 War Coins
  • Rank 4-10 – Gold Chest: 10 Gold Medals, 500 diamonds, 8.500 War Coins
  • Rank 3 – Platinum Chest: 10 Platinum Medals, 1.200 diamonds, 12.000 War Coins
  • Rank 2 – Diamond Chest: 10 Diamond Medals, 1.500 diamonds, 12.000 War Coins
  • Rank 1 – Star Chest: 10 Star Medals, 2.000 diamonds, 12.000 War Coins

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