World Map

World Map


Why do battles have different colors and icons on the map?

Even if the battle system itself doesn't change, there are different kinds of battles you can encounter in Warlords of Aternum.

In the west of the main continent you can find PvP battles in which you will face regiments of the other Warlords. They are marked with a red crossed swords icon.

Boss Battles show the face of the Boss who is currently occupying respective camp directly in the icon.

The battle with a purple icon showing a skull represents the Raiding Brigands. This is a special battle in which you can collect a Loot Wagon for extra loot before all enemies are defeated.

All other battle icons represent a specific enemy tribe (e.g. Domesticar Orcs or Frost-Blood Orcs) that contain a rune character. These are normal PvE battles.

The skulls underneath each battle indicator represent the difficulty of respective battle.


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