How can I upgrade my Equipment?

Unlock the Blacksmith to gain access to the Forge. In the Forge, you can improve any item currently equipped by one of your regiments, unless the item has already reached its maximum level. Improving an item level increases the stats of any Weapon, Armor or Banner.

You can still use items even if the Blacksmith is currently improving it. But you will be using the current level of this item until the forge process has been completed. So, when the timer is finished your item will automatically reach the new item level. You can also choose to instantly finish the current Forge job at any time. This option will cost some Diamonds.

If you replace an item that is currently being improved in your Forge, the Blacksmith will still complete the current job on that item. Items can be upgraded several times, depending on their rarity, up to a maximum level of 13.

Upgradable items have an indicator in the form of a small, green + icon.

Note: Improved items can be sold for more Gold than their base value.