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Hello there!

If you have arrived on this page, you are probably interested in finding out what moderating actually entails, and we hope you will be interested in applying if you feel that you meet the requirements!

In order to submit an application, it is important that you meet all application requirements. For legal reasons, you must be 18 years of age to apply. All positions are performed as voluntary work.

  • You must be proficient in written and spoken English, and be able to handle players who do not find writing English easy.
  • You need to be able to look at things objectively, and keep calm even if you are provoked. 
  • You should have the opportunity to be active and reachable for a while every day, in addition to the time the tasks may take. 
  • You must treat our players courteously and humbly. 
  • You must have high social skills, be able to cooperate with others and have a positive team spirit, as this is a customer service role.
  • You can structure your tasks in a way that is appropriate based on your circumstances. 
  • 2 Step Verification is required for your logins in our various systems.
As a member of the team, you are a natural part of discussions about settings, new worlds and other activities in games and forums. The most important thing is not that you know the game 100%, but that you have the interest and ability to learn, although of course it is required that you have basic knowledge of both the game and the rules. There is plenty of room for your own thoughts and ideas, and the opportunity to gain a unique, in-depth knowledge of how the mechanisms in the game work and why.

In-game Supporter duties include:
  • Answering questions sent in by players
  • Detecting rule breaking and placing bans
  • Helping players to appeal their bans fairly
  • Testing game updates for bugs before they are released
  • Be able to respond to tickets within 12 hours
  • Being active daily on our team chat channels (Mattermost)