Technical issues

Technical issues


Unable to load the game or experiencing slowness (lag). What can I do?

Our game needs a stable Internet connection to play, and is developed with up-to-date systems, browser versions, and drivers for video card and other components in your computer in mind. It also requires to have hardware acceleration enabled in the browser of your choice. While this is enabled for most browsers by default, it isn't for all browsers, and could have been deactivated by a user of the browser, or by the browser itself.

Google Chrome version 86
We have found that players updating their Google Chrome browser to version 86, or using any other Chromium-based browser (such as Edge, Opera, and others), could encounter trouble playing our game, showing itself in being unable to load the game client, or in a slow gaming experience if it is possible to load the game. This, in most cases, is caused by the browser's hardware acceleration feature being disabled. If that is the case, you can attempt to re-enable this feature manually, which will allow you to play the game again in most cases.

To re-enable the hardware acceleration in your browser, please locate the options from the settings. In Google Chrome, simply open Chrome's settings by clicking on the three vertical dots at the top right of the browser's interface. From there, select "Settings". Alternatively, you can visit "chrome://settings" directly via the URL bar in the Google Chrome browser.

Within the settings, either use the search bar at the top to search for "hardware acceleration", or in the menu on the left side, click "Advanced", then "System".

You should now see a setting named "Use hardware acceleration when available". To enable it, flick the switch to the right side. Google Chrome will ask you to relaunch, so that the changes can take effect. Please do so.

Settings for other browsers may look differently, but the naming of the option will almost always include the words "hardware acceleration". In case you don't know how to check this setting for the browser of your choice, please refer to the manufacturer's website, or the browser's Help section, often found through its settings.

When your browser has restarted, you should be able to access the game again. If that is not the case for you, it could be due to a compatibility problem, most likely caused by outdated drivers for your system, especially your graphics card. Specifically, with the introduction of Google Chrome version 86, an incompatibility was identified with AMD Graphics cards using drivers using AMD's internal versioning numbers 8.17.10* and older, after Chromium stopped support for these drivers. However, there may also be cases where an out of date driver causes issues not specifically for this driver version. In all of these cases, we recommend you download the most up-to-date display drivers from your graphics card manufacturer. The most commonly used ones are AMDNvidia, and Intel.

For more information on the incompatibility between Google Chrome 86 and AMD hardware and/or drivers, please see our forums (US, EN/International, Beta).

You can also try playing the game through another browser of your choice (e.g. Mozilla Firefox, which is not Chromium-based), or you are welcome to contact our support team by clicking the green "Contact us" button at the bottom of this article. We will be happy to assist you wherever we can!
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