What guild rights exist and what do they do?

Guild rights

The proper administration of Guild Rights is a very important part of Guild leadership.

Too few rights will either force the top leaders to be available each day or lead to inactivity due to lack of rights and too many could lead to anarchy.

Each guild would have to decide which level is right for them:

Guild Rights
The Guild founders can do everything. Even dismiss other founders from the guild and disband the guild. The Guild Founders are also the only ones who can give other members the "Leader" rights and change the guild name.
The Guild Leader can do everything except those rights mentioned as Founder only.
The moderator can moderate and create new threads on the guild Forum.
The Inviter can invite new players to join the guild
This allows the guild member to send out messages to the entire Guild.
Give the right to set and delete sieges in GvG as well as unlocking defensive slots, moving headquarters and releasing sectors.

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