How can my guild raise in the Guild Ranking?

The Guild Rankings are calculated every day at 8 PM. The Guilds are ranked by prestige.
A guilds prestige consist of the sum of the power of all sectors owned by the guild + the prestige bonus the guild receives from the guild level
The top 3 ranked guilds receive a bonus of 15%, 10% and 5%

Guild's ranking is based on prestige, which is calculated from the level of a guild and the daily power.
When a guild conquers a sector on GvG and keeps it until the daily calculation, it will produce a certain amount of power. This power is taken in count on the guild's ranking for each age. The more power, the better, and those guilds on the top 3 will get an extra bonus:

To be on the top 3 you will need to conquer and keep many sectors, but remember, Forge of Empires has many Ages and the total power will be the sum of all maps. This power is usefull to:
  • Increase the level of your guild
  • Count the total prestige of your guild
So, to improve your guild's ranking, you will need to increase its level (accumulating power) and dominate as much sectors as possible in all GvG maps.
Besides, you will also able to see aditional information from each guild on the ranking, for example: current level, number of members, and the number of days it has been Top 1.

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