New to the game?

New to the game?


How do I reach the next age?

Forge of Empires presents you 20 different ages to play! To advance to the next Age, you need to open the Tech Tree by clicking in the button "Research New Technologies" (you can also press "R" if you're playing the browser version of the game).

By researching technologies, you can unlock features, buildings, roads and expansions for your city, while advancing through the era. You have three Age status here: Completed, Incomplete and Locked:

IncompleteComplete Locked

As you can see above, the "Tomorrow" Age is fully explored (green check mark). In the next age, there are 6 technologies left to complete the Future Age! However, not always it's necessary to research all technologies in order to reach the next age! Finally, the third picture shows that the next age is locked. Locked ages are represented by a gray background and a lock icon at the top.

All you need to do to reach the next age, is to research the first technology of the next age:

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