New to the game?

New to the game?


What is the Campaign Map?

World Map / Campaign Map

The Campaign Map entry point is available in your game HUD at the bottom left corner. 

You can see that the campaign map is made up of continents. Some of them represent an advanced era, but you will also find an access to the GvG and your city. The central continent gathers the provinces of the lower eras:

Continents Campaign Map
Virtual Future Campaign Map
Space Age Mars Campaign MapSpace Age Asteroid Belt Campaign Map
Space Age Venus Campaign Map To be announced

Scout a Province

When you enter into the World Map for the first time, you will notice that almost all of the world is unknown to you. You can send a scout in neighboring provinces to collect more information about them, and as you scout new areas the clouds will disappear.
The scout will require more and more coins and time to reach the destination but the result is worth the expense. You can also pay diamonds to instantly scout a province if you don't want to wait.


Once the province is scouted and discovered, you will see more information. Your scout provides you with everything you need to know to conquer the province. This information includes the reward of the province, the rewards for the acquisition of each sector, what the leader offers in exchange for its sectors and the army he has to defend them
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