New to the game?

New to the game?


What is the Inventory and how can I use it?

In your inventory you will find certain items that you obtain through quests, Great Buildings or special events.

To open your inventory while playing on a mobile app use the following button:

And if you play on browser use the following button:

 This is the "all rewards" tab, which shows buildings and consumable items.
The building tab shows what buildings you have in the inventory. Remember once a building has been build in your city, it can not be returned to the inventory again but you can use the store building item to store again an event building.
The consumable items tab is where you find all types of Consumable items like Forge points packages, renovation kit, store building item, self aid kit, Boost Crate and it's content.
The goods tab shows all the goods you have in your city inventory. Special goods are displayed when reaching Arctic Future.
The Great Buildings tab shows all the Great Building blueprints you own. From this tab you can also build new Great Buildings in your city and unlock new levels in existing ones.

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