New to the game?

New to the game?


What Keyboard shortcuts does the game offer?

The browser version of Forge of Empires offers you a lot different keyboard shortcuts, which will make it faster and easier to manage things in the game.

EscapeClose current windowReplaces the 'Enter' key method of closing some windows
BEnter/Exit Build ModeOnly in city
UOpen/Close Army ManagementWorks when in city
COpen/Close Message CenterWorks when in city or GvG continent view
XCancel productionOnly in production window
ROpen/close research / tech treeOnly in city
MOpen/close Campaign MapOnly in city
IToggle Inventory open/closedOnly in city
TToggle Market open/closedOnly in city
GOpen/Close Guild windowFrom either City or GVG Continent View
EEnter/Leave Guild ExpeditionsOnly in city
QToggle quest overview open/closedWhenever quest overview is accessible
VOpen GvG / Go back to global GvG view* / Go back to city**From city / *In GvG continent view / **In GvG global view
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0
Select Negotiation Partner / Select Resource for Negotiation / Submit attempt (the confirm button)Guild Expeditions, within negotiation minigame
BackspaceGo back to cityAnywhere in the game, except for from another person's city, and only when no additional in-game windows are open

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