New Cultural Settlement: Polynesia

Hello Travelers!

Are you set for an adventurous journey to the enchanting lands of Polynesia? Dive into the world of this beautiful island where you help Kamehameha I to build a new, blossoming colony and reel in some spectacular rewards along the way.

The new Polynesian Settlement will be available on March, 27th.

To embark on this thrilling endeavor, first, make your way through the technology Signposting in the High Middle Ages. With this unlocked, the Polynesian settlement awaits your expertise from the selection screen, provided you're all clear with no ongoing settlements.

Commencing your journey in Polynesia introduces you to Kamehameha I, who is laden with quests for you. These missions are your key to inspiring a grand celebration among the island's inhabitants.

Successfully completing these quests not only advances your Embassy but also unveils exotic cultural buildings for your colony.

What's New?
No Roads
The intrigue of the Polynesian settlement lies in its unique approach to urban planning - there's no need for street connections for the cultural edifices. In fact, streets are off the table completely. This gives you the creative freedom to design your island paradise without constraints!

New Production Times
The Polynesian Settlement has different production times for their cultural ​buildings, that you may used ​to from other settlements.

The new times are as follows:
  • Instead of 4h, 8h and 24h Cultural Goods productions now are 5h, 10h and 20h.
  • Instead of 4h, 8h and 24h Cultural Diplomacy productions now are 5h, 10h and 20h.

The Rewards
But what's an adventure without rewards? The Polynesian settlement doesn't just offer a serene island getaway vibe; it's also lined with enticing rewards!

Progress through the settlement to secure the Hut of the Sacred Instruments. This marvel, escalating through 9 levels, not only bolsters your attacking army with formidable attack and defense boosts but also showers you with Forge Points, previous age goods, medals, and assorted units. 

The Hut of the Sacred Instruments 
As with all other settlements there are a lot of very nice rewards to win,    First and foremost the brand new Hut of Sacred Instruments. The  Hut of the Sacred Instruments is 4 x 3  building with 9 levels.  You will receive the level 1 building when you complete the first playthrough and upgrades kits  after play-throughs 3,4,6,7,8,10, 11 and 13

NameSizeRoad Connection Play-through Boosts 1 d production 1 d production (when motivated)

Hut of the Sacred Instruments Lvl. 1
9 % 
5 % 
616-  40,856  (dependent on age)
341 -9,535  (dependent on age)
Hut of the Sacred Instruments Lvl. 24x3No 3
18 % 
9 %  
9 %  
1,186-78,686  (dependent on age) 17  
934-26,115  dependent on age
Hut of the Sacred Instruments Lvl. 34x3No 4
26 %
13 %  
13 %
1,767-117,273  (dependent on age) 27  
1,542-43,120  dependent on age
Hut of the Sacred Instruments Lvl. 44x3No 6
17 %  
17 %
2,360-156,616   (dependent on age) 34 
2,172-60,732dependent on age
Hut of the Sacred Instruments Lvl. 54x3No 7
43 %
22 %  
2,930-194,446  (dependent on age) 41 
2,780 -77,737 dependent on age
Hut of the Sacred Instruments Lvl. 64x3No 8
52 %
26 %  
26 %
3,511-233,033  (dependent on age) 48  
3,367-94,135  dependent on age
Hut of the Sacred Instruments Lvl. 74x3No 10
5267 -  349,549   (dependent on age) 56  
3,996 -111,747  dependent on age
Hut of the Sacred Instruments Lvl. 84x3No 11
5267 -  349,549   (dependent  on age) 63  
5,213- 145.757  dependent on age
Hut of the Sacred Instruments Lvl. 94x3No 13
77 %
38 %  
38 %
5267 -  349,549   (dependent on age) 70  
5,213- 145.757  dependent on age

Great Dance Stage
Completing the settlement within the stipulated timeframe grants you Fragments for the magnificent Great Dance Stage, which can ascend to level 5. This architectural gem bestows an attack boost, alongside Forge Points and goods.

NameSizeRoad Connection Boosts 1 d production 1 d production (when motivated)
Great Dance Stage Lvl. 12x2No

228-15,132  (dependent on age)
Great Dance Stage Lvl. 22x2No
304-20,176  (dependent on age)
Great Dance Stage Lvl. 32x2No
380-25,320  (dependent on age)  2
Great Dance Stage Lvl. 42x2No

456-30,254   (dependent on age)
Great Dance Stage Lvl. 52x2No

608-40,352  (dependent on age)

New Emissaries
The rewards palette is further enriched with 4 new emissaries, each a representative of the Polynesian culture in your city town hall, equipped with unique skills to augment your production.

Name Nafanua Hoto Matu'a
Hongi Hika
Provides 12   + emissary slot 13 100 + emissary slot 70
Play-through 2 6 9 12

Cultural Settlement Changes
With the introduction of the new Settlement, the previously announced updates to the Cultural Settlement buildings and Emissaries will also be implemented. If you have previously acquired buildings and Emissaries from past Settlements, they will be automatically updated to the latest version.

For those who earned these rewards in the past but have since sold or deleted their Cultural buildings, and have not reached out to our support team for restoration, there's no need to worry. You will find these buildings back in your inventory, as we have reinstated them for everyone who had deleted theirs.

The full announcement of these changes can also be found here: Get Ready for Epic Adventures in Polynesia & Enhanced Cultural Settlements!

However, our work doesn't stop here. More changes to the Cultural Settlements are on the horizon, so stay tuned for more information coming soon!

We hope your journey to this serene island is both enriching and enjoyable. If this journey captivated you, join our vibrant Discord community to exchange strategies and stories with fellow explorers!

Happy building, Forge Fans!
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