Release Notes

Release Notes


Update to version 1.279

 We will release version 1.279 on Monday, 25th of March on the International market and on all other markets on Wednesday, 27th of March. There will be a short downtime during the update. We apologize for any inconvenience caused during this time.

In this update, we are implementing technical improvements, bug fixes, and adding content for future events. You can find highlights of these changes below.

  • FOE-71379: Previously, using a Store Building item would automatically collect the building when you clicked on it. We changed this, so it will now only auto-collect when you actually store it!
  • FOE-81113: Building and removing a lot of small diplomacy buildings can be very tedious, but fear not! We've made an improvement to only optionally display the sell confirmation window, similar to roads. If you accidentally disabled it, you can activate it again in the settings. This change is not yet part of the mobile app, but will be added soon.
  • FOE-81305: You no longer have to reload your game, when we activate an Event teaser. Keep on playing!
  • FOE-81142: Also, you can now continue playing the game, even if we have problems with our payment system! 
  • FOE-81089: We've decided to rename "Cultural Settlements" to just "Settlements". This change gives our Game Designers much more creative freedom in creating new Settlements.
  • FOE-69953, FOE-81303: Had buildings taking up multiple slots, even if they were exactly the same? This will no longer be an issue! We will also merge those items together, so they are neatly grouped.
  • FOE-80968: After constructing certain buildings, it was possible that the construction site was still displayed, even though the production had already started. This visual issue has been fixed now.
  • FOE-81290: Reward names can be very long and did not always fit into the emissary tooltip. We've added scrolling text for these cases.
  • FOE-81373: Settings are a great feature. They allow you to customize your playing experience. However, some settings disappeared after the last update! That was certainly not intended, and we made sure to re-add them.
Mobile Only Changes
Keep in mind that the time the mobile update becomes available depends on the stores and can be some days after the release of the browser version. Don't be surprised if you don't see the update on your mobile devices at the exact same time. 

  • FOE-80346: Canceling the consent confirmation after attempting to watch an ad did not re-enable the button to watch the ad. This issue has been resolved; the button can now be used again without having to open the window a second time! 

That's all for this update folks!

Now is the time to tell you about our recent development efforts! The development of our next Settlement: Polynesia was completed! The next Event after Anniversary is almost ready for Beta release as well, stay tuned for more updates on this new Event very soon!

You can test some of those additions and follow the development if you join our Beta Server

Should you wish to give us feedback about this version, please visit us on Discord or Facebook!

Your Forge of Empires Team
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