4. Buildings

4. Buildings


How do I level up (upgrade) a building?

Regular Buildings

Most buildings in the game can be levelled up a few times. Depending on the building’s type, they will improve them in different ways. For example, levelling up a home will increase the tax revenue and the number of workers who can live in it, while increasing the level of a workshop unlocks new goods.

 You can upgrade a building by tapping on it and then selecting the 'Upgrade' tab. Please keep in mind that farms and workshops cannot be upgraded while producing.

Other Buildings

Some special buildings, such as World Wonders, Collector Buildings, and Evolving Buildings, require building-specific resources to level up.

Evolving Buildings

Evolving BuildingsEvolving Buildings are buildings that require Evolution Tokens to be leveled up. For example, to increase the level of the Trojan Horse, you will need Trojan Horse Evolution Tokens. Typically, Evolution Tokens can be only obtained in the events or features related to each Evolving Building. For example, Trojan Horse Evolution Tokens may pop up during the Hercules Event, while Pirate Fortress Evolution Tokens are available in the most advanced levels of the Alliance Treasure Hunt.
  Do not confuse Evolution Tokens, which increase the level of Evolving Buildings, with Evolving Building Age Renovation items, which increase their era.

Collector Buildings

Collector Buildings require puzzle pieces to upgrade. You will come across them every now and then in the game.
You can level up your Collector Buildings once you have found a sufficient number of the pieces. Each level will make them more powerful. You can upgrade Collector Buildings all the way to level 10.

World Wonders

To level up a Wonder, you must fill all the necessary crates with their required resources: Research Points, coins, food, goods, blueprints, and Wonder Materials specific to the type of the Wonder you're trying to upgrade. You can either fill all the crates by yourself, or ask for help and hope that other players do it for you - this is however limited to a few times per level (except for the Research Points, which are not limited).
World Wonders don't have to be placed in the city to be upgraded. You can run upgrades even if they are inactive.
Don't forget to help other players, too, to get gears in return!

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