Everything about locations

Our adventure consists of chapters and in each chapter there are several locations that we visit one by one. Chapters and locations have their names. And so Chapter 1, where you are looking for the Wisdom Woman, is called " Lift off" and includes 4 locations:
  1. Woodlands
  2. Mount Tshuka
  3. Tungrem Forest
  4. Fortune Glade
In every location you will be able to collect resources, however they might be different in the different locations. In Woodlands you can find a whole lot of softwood, hardwood and some minerals however, in  Mount Tshuka ,where is very cold, you can find a lot pinewood and even more ice which can be melted into water. All of them being resources you may need in your Village. 

In the location you can also find special quest items, for example fire flowers which can be collected to produce fuel for the hot air balloon. There are also points of interest such as a  fire place or stove. On those places you can cook food to have more energy, melt ice to get water and more.
On every location there are hidden blue energy bottle, barrels and chests full of gold coins, gold or iron ores, fruits, merchant tokens or buffs that speed up animal or crop production.

While opening chests or barrels or by cleaning your path on the map, you can also find collection items. Once you collect all 5 items from one collection you can exchange it for a reward like energy, fruits, water and more.
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